Why is My BMW Leaking Oil?

Why is My BMW Leaking Oil?One of the most common problems for any type of vehicle is an oil leak. No matter what you drive, including a BMW, it is incredibly likely that at some point, it is going to develop an oil leak. Since engine oil is so critical to keeping your car's engine healthy and preventing harsh friction that can result in massive damage, it is necessary to have leaks repaired as they come about. In many cases a leak will be caused by a minor issue, but if the BMW is neglected of maintenance, the problem can be pretty bad. Here's a look at a few of the most common causes of BMW oil leaks.

Failed Oil Drain Plug

The drain plug is located on the underside of your BMW, in the oil pain. It is from here that oil is supposed to be drained from the vehicle during an oil change, but if it's leaking oil while you're driving down the road, it may be time for a replacement. As with many parts, the drain plug could become corroded or otherwise damaged after years of twisting it off and twisting it on for routine maintenance. A compromised oil drain plug will result in a leak, but it's an easy fix.

Oil Changes Not Done On TIme

BMW vehicles, just like all cars and trucks, require oil changes are certain mileage intervals (check your owner's manual or ask an expert about when your particular model is due). Neglecting to complete oil changes will result in old, sludgy oil flowing through the BMW's engine. This contaminated oil can cause a breakdown of a variety of parts, resulting in their failure to be seal. Keeping up with oil changes will help keep the oil where it's supposed to be, inside the motor!

Valve Cover Gasket Leak

The valve cover is essentially what keeps the oil from leaking out of the top of the engine. It is held against the engine with a gasket, thus sealing the oil inside. Should this gasket develop an issue, such as it drying out or cracking due to age, a leak can occur. Replacing this gasket is routine part of maintenance for many vehicles after years on the road.

Wear & Tear

Oil leaks are by no means uncommon. General wear and tear that occurs after many miles on the road can cause oil to leak from the motor, but in most cases it will be quite minor. Staying on top of leaks will help to prevent any engine damage. Be sure to follow your vehicle's scheduled maintenance calendar and you'll likely be good to go.

If you have noticed an oil leak coming from your BMW be sure to have it addressed as soon as possible. For expert BMW oil leak repair in Reno head to Automotion. Our team of BMW repair pros will find and stop the leak before it can do any more damage! To learn more about our services or to request superior BMW repair in Reno give us a call at (775) 204-8353 and we'll be happy to help.

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