Top Performance Upgrades for European Autos

Top Performance Upgrades for European AutosFor many people a stock vehicle just isn't good enough. There are numerous methods to improve a vehicle's ability to perform, but what you choose to do ultimately depends on your goals when it comes to driving. Some mods are purely aesthetic, others enhance your horsepower or stopping power. If you're considering performance upgrades for your European auto here's a few items to check out.

ECU Tuning

The electronic control unit (ECU) could be considered the brain of the car or SUV. It is responsible for a many performance factors, from power to MPG. By rewriting the code in the ECU a vehicle can be provided with enhanced performance, including better acceleration or top speed.

Custom Suspension

Customizing your vehicle's suspension offers a variety of benefits, including changing the ride height, such as lowering the vehicle, as well as upgrading driveability, such as better performance around corners at speed. Talk with a European auto specialist about your goals to find the right suspension system for your vehicle.

Exhaust Upgrades

An upgraded exhaust system can provide more horsepower by reducing back pressure for enhanced performance. Additionally, a custom exhaust system can improve the sound of your engine, or reduce engine noise, depending on your goals. On top of all this, custom exhaust can even increase fuel economy.

Turbos & Superchargers

There are pros and cons to turbos and superchargers, but in the end they both make vehicles more powerful. If you're looking to get more punch from your motor a supercharger or turbo is a great way to go.

Brake Kits

With extra power comes a greater need to stop fast. Brake kits aren't just for race cars, as they can greatly improve the safety of any car or SUV, regardless if it has had enhancements completed under the hood.

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