Top Electrical Problems of the Audi A4

Top Electrical Problems of the Audi A4Audi started producing the A4 in 1994 and it has been a beloved vehicle by many ever since. However, over the years, A4s have been subjected to a few common electrical problems. Electrical issues can be difficult to diagnose, but as cars age and technicians begin to realize similarities in the problems, a common cause and repair is often found. While not every A4 will suffer from these issues, these are a few electrical problems that have been reported time and time again.

Power Window Motor Failure

A common electrical issues with these cars are burnt out power window motors. More often than not the driver's side will go out first, as it is used more than other windows. This is a relatively simple fix that requires the replacement of the motor inside the door panel.

Failed Display Screens

On Audis equipped with console display screens it has been reported that areas of the screens will burn out, making it difficult to read the screen. In order to restore the visibility of the screen the whole unit may need to be replaced. If you spot dark, white or glitchy spots on your screen, contact a professional repair shop before the unit fails completely.

Stuck Brake Light Switch

It has been reported that A4s are subject to brake lights that won't go off. This is caused by a faulty brake light switch that needs replacing. The part is readily available and the repair can be completed in as little as 20 minutes by a trained Audi technician.

Center Control Spills

In newer Audi A4s, the MMI unit, which controls the radio, navigation and other systems in the dashboard and infotainment system, is located directly under the cupholders. Unfortunately this often results in spills that kill the unit, which requires a replacement of the control board. Be sure your lids are on tight!

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