3 Myths About European Auto Repair

3 Myths About European Auto RepairThere is a good deal of folklore in the automotive world that states owning and maintaining a fine European car costs extreme amounts of money. Right off the bat, that is false. While European vehicles are serviced in ways that differ from some domestic or Asian cars and trucks, that doesn't mean it costs crazy amounts of money. As long as you have your repairs completed by an expert European auto mechanic than your vehicle will be in good hands and you shouldn't have any trouble keeping it in great shape. Let's crack open a few myths about European auto maintenance and repair.

Myth: It is expensive to repair & service European vehicles

One of the most common false statements about servicing European automobiles, such as BMWs and Mercedes, is that they regularly require trips to the mechanic to keep them tuned. This simply isn't true. These vehicles are well-designed automobiles that don't need all the special care that most people believe they do. What can be expensive is importing genuine replacement parts, which is why the cost of repair on European vehicles can sometimes be higher than domestic repairs. FALSE.

Myth: I can bring my European car to any mechanic

Not all shops are the same! While many repair facilities claim they provide expert European auto repair, service for these vehicles should not be performed by just any mechanic. Your vehicle deserves great service so it's important to check out the credentials and reviews of independent European auto repair shops to ensure they know what they are doing when you bring them your vehicle. And no, you don't have to go to the dealer! FALSE.

Myth: Only the dealer can provide maintenance for my European car

While there are a few select services that only a dealership may be able to provide, such as factory warranty work or recall repairs, for most other services you can rely on an independent auto shop to do the job. In most cases a dealership alternative will end up saving you hundreds of dollars as well, as they can source parts for less and offer lower hourly rates for labor services. FALSE.

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