Does This Mean My Car Needs Brake Repair?

Does This Mean My Car Needs Brake Repair?When the car in front of you hits the brakes, what is your first reaction as a driver? To also hit the brakes, of course. What happens if those brakes fail because they haven't been maintained? Well the result could be catastrophic, causing major vehicle damage and there is a huge risk of personal injury. Knowing the signs of brake failure is important in order to keep your car safe for yourself, your passengers and others on the road. Here are four ways to tell if your car needs brake repair now.

Grinding Noise When Braking

One of the first things you may notice if your car is asking for brake repair is a howling, squealing or grinding noise. This can happen for a couple reasons, the first is a built in warning system. Some brake pads are designed to make this noise as the pads dissolve due to wear over time. They have a small mechanism that is activated once the pads get below a certain point. Another reason they may do this is because the brake pads are completely gone and metal is grinding on metal, which is very dangerous. If you hear a noise coming from the wheel area, seek a professional mechanic to diagnose and repair the issue as soon as possible.

Spongy Brake Pedal

Does it feel as if you need to push harder on the pedal then you used to get the brakes to respond? This is called a soft or spongy brake pedal. You may experience it if your car has brake pads that are greatly worn down. However it could also mean your vehicle is low on brake fluid, which often indicates a leak, which is incredibly dangerous.

Braking Vibrations

Another sure sign brake repair is needed is if the car vibrates when you hit the brakes. This may mean you have a warped rotor, which greatly reduces braking power. The rotor is what the pads squeeze to create the friction to slow your car.


If you hit the brakes and the car tries to pull to one side, it means you are likely experiencing uneven wear in the brake pads, a stuck wheel cylinder or air in the brake lines. This can be very dangerous and you should immediately get to a repair shop for proper service.

It is critical to always pay attention to the signs of trouble your car may be expressing so that they can be diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. Remember, it is up to you to keep your car safe to drive. For professional brake repair in Reno head to Automotion Service and Repair. Our expert auto repair tech provide quality brake repair for Audi, VW, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and other European autos. Anytime you need European auto repair in Reno, visit Automotion or give us a call at (775) 204-8353 to request an appointment.

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