Does My Car need a Wheel Alignment?

Does My Car need a Wheel Alignment?When your vehicle leaves the factory it will drive straight as an arrow without much effort, but things change as the odometer rolls. After many miles on the road and having come into contact with many bumps, the wheel alignment be thrown off. Of course collisions, both big and small, such as those with a curb or a big pothole, can also have an impact on the alignment of your vehicle. You'll be able to tell if it is time for a wheel alignment based on a few symptoms. Some signs are much more subtle than others, but if you experience any of the following be sure to get to your local auto repair shop as soon as possible for an expert wheel alignment service.

Vibrating steering wheel

Often times one of the first signs of alignment trouble is if your steering wheel begins to vibrate. The worse the alignment issue is the worse the steering wheel will shake. You may actually experience it shaking rather violently if the alignment is very bad. This will occur because since at least one wheel is pointing in a different direction than the other it will try to make your vehicle go in two separate directions at once. As soon as this begins to happen get to the nearest alignment center.


Pulling or veering is the name given to the action your car makes when it wants to go to one side of the street or the other, without your direction. This can occur in two different levels, soft and hard.

Soft pulling - Soft pulling is hardly noticeable. You may feel as if your car tends to drift ever so slightly to one side of the road if there is a very minor alignment problem. Hard pulling - A more harsh alignment issue will result in hard pulling. In this scenario you'll actually have to fight the steering wheel to keep the car moving straight.

Strange tire wear

If you suspect problems with the alignment it is best to check your tires. If a tire on one side of the axle is wearing differently than the one on the other side than you have just confirmed an alignment problem.

Wheel alignments should be done at certain mileage points to ensure a safe to drive vehicle, as well as on an as needed basis. If you need a wheel alignment in Reno for your BMW, Mercedes or other European vehicle head to Automotion. Our team of superior auto repair technicians can perform any service to keep your car or SUV driving great. Call Automotion at (775) 204-8353 any time you experience car trouble to request an appointment for professional auto repair in Reno today.

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