5 Signs of Transmission Trouble

5 Signs of Transmission TroubleThe transmission is tasked with transferring power created by the engine to the wheels, which it does via the driveshaft. With proper maintenance and smart driving habits you'll likely see your transmission last for 150,000 miles or more. However, issues can and do arise, but as long as you act quick, the repairs are generally small and affordable. If you notice any of the following issues be sure to visit your local auto shop for expert transmission service.

Grinding Gears

One of the most common signs of transmission trouble is a grinding noise that occurs as the transmission shifts. This can occur with automatic or manual transmission vehicles. The noise you're hearing is metal grinding on metal, often as a result of poor lubrication due to low levels of transmission fluid.

Delayed Shifts

An automatic transmission that struggles to quickly shift through forward gears may be suffering from decreased hydraulic pressure or a computer error. This issue is often characterized by the engine revving high while the vehicle tries to shift.

Popping out of Gear

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle and the gear shifter tends to pop into neutral, particularly while accelerating in first gear, the clutch may be wearing thin. However, this issue can also be caused by an engine oil leak dripping onto the clutch plate, resulting in excessive lubrication.

Can't get into Gear

Perhaps one of the more obvious signs of transmission trouble is if you're unable to get into one or more gears. This generally indicates that more extensive services will be necessary to repair the issues as mechanical problems have probably set in. In any case, get your vehicle to a shop, towed most likely, so proper diagnostics can be completed.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid is necessary for smooth, efficient shifting. If you find a red liquid leaking under your car it is probably transmission fluid. Low levels of the fluid can cause all of the above issues and others, so don't hesitate to visit a shop if you spot a leak. Nothing should ever be dripping from your car.

Getting to the shop as soon as issues arise is key to preventing the need for more expensive repairs. If it is time for transmission repair in Reno for your European car or SUV head to Automotion Service and Repair. Our expert auto repair techs will have your car shifting smooth in no time. At the first sign of trouble call (775) 204-8353 to schedule quality European auto repair in Reno or the surrounding area.

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