Professional Mini Repair in Reno

Professional Mini Repair in RenoWhether you've recently purchased a brand new or at least new to you Mini or have owned one for several years, it's important to find a reputable auto repair shop to provide it with expert repairs and factory maintenance. While many people assume their new Mini must be serviced by a dealership, especially if it is under warranty, the truth is that a qualified independent auto repair shop can maintain your new car or extended warranty, and often at a much more affordable price. The team of highly skilled technicians at Automotion would love to be your one stop shop for all things Mini!

Mini Auto Repair

Mini models including the Cooper, Clubman don't Countryman don't suffer from many big ailments, but from time to time the need for Mini repair will arise. Our staff of skilled Mini mechanics have access to the latest diagnostic and repair equipment allowing them to conduct services with pinpoint accuracy. This includes Mini engine repair, Mini transmission repair, Mini brake repair, suspension repair, steering repair, fuel system repair and auto electric repair of the alternator, starter and ignition. At the first sign of car trouble call us because you can count on Automotion to identify and fix the issue, no matter what it is!

Mini Maintenance

All cars and trucks require routine auto maintenance and Minis are no exception. When you Mini is due for factory scheduled services don't hesitate to call. We can provide your Mini with a full synthetic oil change, tune up, belt and hose replacement, fluid flush services, battery replacement and other factory services. All work is conducted by our ASE certified technicians who undergo ongoing training to ensure we're up to date with the latest methods of maintenance for all makes and models.

Common Mini Cooper Problems

While far and few between there are a few known Mini problems, particularly with early generations. If you own an older Mini or are considering purchasing one be on the lookout for these issues:

  • Clutch failure under 20,000 miles (1st Gen/2nd Gen)
  • Automatic transmission failure (1st Gen, resulted in recall)
  • Timing chain rattle, particularly on cold start at idle (1st Gen)
  • Water Pump & Thermostat Housing Leaks ( 2nd Gen)
  • Electric Power Steering Pump (resulted in recall)
If you're in need of Mini repair in Reno reach out to Automotion. Our Mini repair mechanics can provide any service necessary to keep your Mini running great. Give us a call at (775) 204-8353 to request an appointment for expert Mini service in Reno!

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