8 Ways to Prepare for a Road Trip

8 Ways to Prepare for a Road TripThe all American road trip dates back to a time before cars even existed, when pioneers pushed westward in their horse drawn wagons. Today, things are a bit more comfy and the horsepower has increased by a few hundred in most cases. But if you want the horses under your hood to perform with power and efficiency as you tackle the open road be sure to give you car the attention that it needs. Here's nine car maintenance tips to maximize the safety, efficiency and fun of your travels.

Oil Change

If your car is anywhere near due for an oil change it'd be wise to have it done before hitting the highway. Fresh oil will ensure proper engine lubrication, thus maximizing power and fuel efficiency.

Tire Check

Tires that are low on air can reduce MPGs by 25 percent or more. Additionally, check your tires for worn tread, cracked rubber or bubbling sidewalls. If you spot any of these issues you'll want to install new tires.


Replacing wipers that smear water instead of clear it is important for safety.


Check your headlights, brake lights, tail lights, reverse lights and turn signals before setting out. Full illumination is critical to visibility.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are what ignite the air and fuel mix in your engine. If they become dirty or corroded they could cause misfiring, which will result in a terrible running engine. Replacing them is often quick and affordable and usually needs to be done every 30,000 miles.


Your car uses an air filter and fuel filter to prevent contaminants from getting in the engine. If your vehicle is due for a replacement now is the time.

Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping up with scheduled maintenance is the best way to keep your car safe and reliable to drive. Check your service records to see if your car is due for any service before setting off.

Safety Kit

You never know what will happen on a long trip so ensure your vehicle is stocked with a safety kit. It should include first aid items, fresh water, flares, traffic triangles and jumper cables.

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