Does it Cost More to Maintain a European Vehicle?

Does it Cost More to Maintain a European Vehicle?For many people, owning a luxury European automobile is a dream come true. While some may be excited to sign the dotted line without hesitation, others often worry about the costs of maintaining their new or new to them vehicle from across the pond. There are a few important things to remember when considering the purchase of a European vehicle, such as a Mercedes, BMW or Audi. First of all, they look great, which honestly, is important to keep in mind. But more on topic, is that they will and do require scheduled maintenance, just like any domestic Ford, Chevrolet or Chrysler. However, their maintenance needs are quite different from vehicles that don't focus on luxury and peak performance. Let's dive in.

Maintenance and Repair Needs

Many modern vehicles require oil changes and maintenance every 3,000 miles, which is about every 3 months for most drivers. On the contrary, many European cars from high end automakers require this service about half as often, or less, as according to their own service schedules. So while the cost of the full synthetic oil may be higher than the oil that goes in a lower performance vehicle, you'll be purchasing it less.

This idea is similar to other types of maintenance as well. Fluids and parts in general last longer on high end vehicles. This is a large part of why you're paying extra up front, because the vehicle is designed to drive great for miles on end with minimal care. That's not to say it needs none, just less, and you're much less likely to suffer a breakdown due to a parts failure.

Importing Genuine Parts

One thing that can up the cost of repairing a European vehicle is the need to import genuine parts from the manufacturer. While some European vehicles are manufactured in the states, it isn't uncommon to need to order parts from across the sea, especially for more rare and specialized services.

Dealer Vs. Independent

Another factor to consider is that when you have your BMW, Mercedes, Audi or other European vehicles serviced at the dealer you'll be paying premium pricing. You can get the same great services from an independent European auto repair shop, so long as you do your homework, at a much lower cost. A properly qualified facility will be able to maintain your factory warranty as well.

Overall Costs

When looking at price comparisons side by side it may appear that a luxury European vehicle may cost more to service, but remember, these services are necessary much less frequently then most cars, trucks and SUVs.

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