Customer Reviews of Automotion in Reno

Customer Reviews of Automotion in RenoWhen it comes to finding European auto repair in Reno it is important to do your research. There are plenty of shops that advertise their ability to properly service cars and SUVs from Germany, the UK, Italy and Sweden, but read their reviews and you'll likely find unsatisfied customers. At Automotion, we specialize in the care and repair of European autos! Not only do we love working on cars, we love working with the people who drive them. We strive to provide a great customer experience, and according to a few recent guests, we think we're doing just fine. We share these reviews with you not to brag, but to ask that the next time you need European auto repair in Reno you consider what your friends and neighbors have to say about our shop!

This is the best auto repair company I've ever used over my 38 years of owning a vehicle. An honest and very catering operation. I've never had an auto repair company drive me home or pick me up while it was in the shop. Automation goes the distance! A plus for Mark, he's top notch, professional, an Angel. - Brenda Podesta

I can't recommend Automotion enough! I was in a time crunch and needed my Volvo worked on quickly. Mark went above and beyond to do what needed to be done. As someone who doesn't know much about cars, he asked if there was someone else I'd like him to talk to about the issues that needed to be fixed. This made me happy and trust Automotion because I've been to mechanics that tried to tack on more work that wasn't necessary simply because I wouldn't know any better. I could go on and on about my great experience here. I will be using Automotion as long as I live in Reno! - Mariah H.

Mark and his group bent over backwards to get our towed car back on the road. Their priority was to make sure the car was roadworthy and safe for us to operate. We owe them a debt of gratitude and highly recommend them. - Richard L.

They recently did a bunch of work on my one-ton dually (they also maintain my Mercedes and Ford Sportsmobile). they handled 19.5" oversized wheel alignment and found remedied problems in the front-end (steering, tracking and handling) that had been there since I purchased the truck. I recommend them without hesitation! Great work, Mark! - Shawn K.

I arranged a pre purchase inspection, and Mark's service was excellent, detailed and done quickly. As an out of town client, everything was top notch and they saved me hassle and lots of $. I HIGHLY recommend them! Thank you again! - Adesola O.

As you can see we do everything to ensure a great auto repair experience. The next time you need auto repair for your European, Asian or domestic, come see us. To schedule an appointment give us a call at (775) 204-8353 today!

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